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2020: What A Year

What a year it’s been
It’s hard to look back and find a win
But if you look hard enough
You’ll find you learned that you really are that tough
The lessons learned are the key to this year
In 2021, the skies will clear
Not magically as the clock strikes midnight
But gradually, as the new year brings the new light
We’ll start to see that everything really is going to be okay
Positivity and optimism will lead the way
Maybe it was a new job, a hobby or even a degree
2020 brought many lessons Life wanted us to see
And even though the losses were immense and too...
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The Struggle Is Real

The struggle is real
Trust me, I know how you feel
Struggle is good if you look at it in the right way
We all struggle somehow each and every day
Struggle comes in many different shapes and sizes
We must be prepared for whatever type of struggle arises
It’s hard to appreciate the good times without any struggle
How can you learn from your mistakes without getting into trouble?
Just know you are not alone
Yes, the struggle is your own
But it has been there as you have grown
If only you would have known
Then your perspective could have...
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How To Progress

The name of the game is progress
No this game does not exclude stress
The degree of difficulty is definitely high
And it doesn’t include instructions or even a reason why
So why would you play such a hard game?
Is it money, fame or so they will remember your name?
We all have a different reason
We all have different things we believe in
But what matters is that we actually play
Not just once or twice, but every single day
See that’s the secret and that’s how you win
The first step is to simply begin
And if every day you move even just...
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You are YOU and that’s all that you need to be
Be YOU, not me, you need to be free
Free to be who YOU want to be
Be able to look in the mirror so you can really see
See the strength that lives in the depths of your soul
Soul searching day and night to achieve your goal
Goal planning because you are meant to be great
Great, real great, there is no debate
Debate if you want, but you have a purpose which you need to find
Find the answer hidden inside your mind
Mind over matter is the name of the game
Game after game, Life is never the same
Same is not who you are, you should...
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Life Is All About The Little Things

Ever heard the expression, “Big things come in small packages?”
We all know Life is gonna be full of challenges
But if you learn to appreciate the little things
Then you’ll be able to take on whatever the day brings
Maybe it’s the smell of your favorite flower
Or maybe it’s the song you sing in the shower
Maybe it’s the sound of walking on fresh snow
Or maybe it’s being front row at your favorite show
Maybe it’s the sound of sneakers squeaking on a basketball court
Or maybe it’s taking the day off and building a giant pillow fort
Maybe it’s the sound of crashing waves
Or maybe it’s simply the sunshine your body craves
Maybe it’s turning the page of your...
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How To Be Happy

We all want to be happy, right?
Isn’t that the end goal that’s always in sight?
But how do we reach this goal?
How, can true happiness reach our soul?
Too often we assume that happiness comes from outside
But the truth is real happiness comes from INSIDE
This world can be a dark place from time to time
So you must learn how to create your own sunshine
Perspective is a great place to start
Think of every day like a new beautiful piece of art
Where some people may see a blank empty canvas,
Your positive perspective sees a frame that says, “I can do this”
It’s not about how many things you have or how...
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