2020: What A Year

What a year it’s been
It’s hard to look back and find a win
But if you look hard enough
You’ll find you learned that you really are that tough
The lessons learned are the key to this year
In 2021, the skies will clear
Not magically as the clock strikes midnight
But gradually, as the new year brings the new light
We’ll start to see that everything really is going to be okay
Positivity and optimism will lead the way
Maybe it was a new job, a hobby or even a degree
2020 brought many lessons Life wanted us to see
And even though the losses were immense and too much to quantify
We learned to rise together and help one another get by
Because when the world stops
The bubble pops
Maybe we all needed a factory reset
Back to default settings, nothing to regret
A chance to create a new profile
Most of us haven’t had this much free time in a while
So take the lessons you learned into the new year
You survived it all, so there’s definitely nothing to fear
2020 was one for the books, no doubt
You made it, you did it, go up to the roof and shout!
Positivity is key every step of the way
So say it loud, “In 2021, I will Live Life EVERY Day!”
  • Nicole Stocky says...

    Very well said and inspirational. Thanks for always sharing positivity with those who need it! Live Life Every Day!

    On Dec 28, 2020

  • Rosie Rivera says...

    In 2021 I will continue to Live Life EVERY Day! Thanks for always inspiring us to try & always see the positive. Even when it’s not always easy.

    On Dec 28, 2020

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