Life Is All About The Little Things

Ever heard the expression, “Big things come in small packages?”
We all know Life is gonna be full of challenges
But if you learn to appreciate the little things
Then you’ll be able to take on whatever the day brings
Maybe it’s the smell of your favorite flower
Or maybe it’s the song you sing in the shower
Maybe it’s the sound of walking on fresh snow
Or maybe it’s being front row at your favorite show
Maybe it’s the sound of sneakers squeaking on a basketball court
Or maybe it’s taking the day off and building a giant pillow fort
Maybe it’s the sound of crashing waves
Or maybe it’s simply the sunshine your body craves
Maybe it’s turning the page of your latest book
Or maybe it’s getting comfy inside your favorite nook
Maybe it’s driving with all the windows down
Or maybe it’s just driving through your favorite part of town
Maybe it’s gazing at the stars in the night’s sky
Or maybe it’s that feeling you get when you fly
Maybe it’s the smile of the one you love
Or maybe it’s family and all the above
The point is there’s a lot that happens every single day
And if you’re not careful, most of it will slip away
It’s easy to get caught up with what we think is the important thing
But we need to remember, you can’t fly with only one wing
The little things all add up in the end
This is old school thinking, not a new trend
Take a step back and be thankful for everything you possess
Not just the material things, but your overall happiness
Add it all up one by one
You’ll be amazed what you’ll find when you’re all done
Oh you thought you had nothing?
Turns out, you have a whole lot of something
We are all wealthy in our own way
The sooner you learn this, the sooner you’ll start to Live Life EVERY Day!
  • Kathy Tomcho says...

    B E A U T i F U L ! Living your life by inspiring others helps them find love and happiness in their own life. For that I thank you. 💙

    On Sep 15, 2020

  • Sarah Edwards says...

    That was very inspirational, and so true. Thank you for making my day a little brighter.

    On Aug 17, 2020

  • Rosie Rivera says...

    Thanks for continuing to inspire us to Live Life Every Day.

    On Aug 17, 2020

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