The Struggle Is Real

The struggle is real
Trust me, I know how you feel
Struggle is good if you look at it in the right way
We all struggle somehow each and every day
Struggle comes in many different shapes and sizes
We must be prepared for whatever type of struggle arises
It’s hard to appreciate the good times without any struggle
How can you learn from your mistakes without getting into trouble?
Just know you are not alone
Yes, the struggle is your own
But it has been there as you have grown
If only you would have known
Then your perspective could have changed sooner
As you learned to develop a sense of humor
Accepting and overcoming struggle is one of Life’s most important lessons
Along with the fact that it can come and go within a matter of seconds
So appreciate the struggle whenever it happens to you
It’ll make it that much better when you earn that room with a view
Life is a game and it’s time to play
Now go out and Live Life EVERY Day

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