Our Story

The Story

Live Life Every Day ® was created and founded out of necessity.  The company and brand name’s founder, Jason Rivera, had graduated from Lehigh University in 2009 and been without a job for almost a year.  In the year after graduation, Jason struggled to find a career which appealed to him.  His main criteria were that he would be genuinely happy and be able to wake up every morning and look forward to working.  He did not rush into a career because unlike most of his peers, he was not just looking for “a job.”  He was searching for something much more.  It’s been said that “it’s not work if you love what you do,” and that’s exactly what Jason was searching for.

Live Life Every Day® Founder and President, Jason Rivera

During his time at Lehigh, Jason was bit by the entrepreneurial bug.  He wound up graduating with a minor in Entrepreneurship and although he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life, he knew starting his own business would fit in somewhere.  Throughout his four years at Lehigh, Jason tried to figure out his life plan, but he did not get very far, at least in the traditional sense.  The soul searching continued and hit overdrive in the year after graduation.  Something had been there throughout Jason’s life and was beginning to make itself more prevalent.  All he really wanted to do was make a difference in the world, to live a life of meaning.  Jason had always been known to be a kind person.  Not only was he kind, but he was fun to be around.  Jason lived by the motto, “Live every day like it’s your last because someday, it will be.”  He had always been the person to come to when no one else wanted to go out and/or do something fun.

And so it happened.  In the year after graduating from Lehigh, Jason tossed around many different ideas for his own business.  Nothing really stuck out to him as being the one, until one day in the Spring of 2010.  An idea came into his head, one that made perfect sense.  Why didn’t he think of this all along?  To be truly happy and to achieve his life goals, he needed to create a company that would be founded on the principles and values that he lived his life by.  And there it was.

The Birth Of Inspiration

On March 20, 2010 Jason Rivera became the Founder and President of Live Life Every Day LLC.  What he created was more than a company or a business.  It was a powerful brand name.  But it was even more than that.  Live Life Every Day ® was a personification of who Jason Rivera was.  In 4 little words, Jason captured his most important and most meaningful life goal, to “Live Life Every Day.”

4 Little Words Transformed Into A Powerful Brand Name

"Live Life Every Day."  Together, these words create one of the most powerful brand names that has ever been created.  Where does the power come from?  Well, the power comes from the meaning of the name.  Then what does “Live Life Every Day” mean?  Quite simply, whatever you want it to mean, and that’s what makes it so powerful.  "Live Life Every Day" means something different to each and every human being.  For some it’s changing the world and for some it’s simply being happy.  Whatever "Live Life Every Day" means to you, it’s likely to be something deep, something true, something near and dear to your heart, something that defines you in a way nothing else can.  It is the key to your true happiness.  "Live Life Every Day," 4 little words transformed into one powerful message.

How Can 4 Little Words Change The World?

Take a look around you.  Every day too many people take for granted the opportunities they are given.  Often times we get caught up in things that seem important, only to ignore what actually is important.  Our priorities have become out of place.  We have come to value goods and services that have only material worth, yet society still pushes us towards them.  We get so caught up in our social worth and what other people will say, that we forget to live our lives the  way we want to and have a little fun along the way.  Life is hard, there’s no denying that, but that doesn’t mean it has to be miserable and uneventful.  Everyone should be happy and there’s no denying that either.

This is where Live Life Every Day ® comes in.  We are no longer going to sit back and let people live unhappy lives.  Life’s too short to waste it.

Live Life Every Day ® was created to provide you with the inspiration you need to have a little fun along the way and enjoy your life.  "Live Life Every Day," 4 little words that can change the world.

How Is Live Life Every Day ® Different?

Live Life Every Day ® is unlike any company or brand you have ever known.  We do not hold the same values and viewpoints of traditional "Corporate America."  What does that mean?  It means that we are dedicated to inspiring the world to take advantage of every opportunity that life throws at you.  As hard as it may be to believe, given the culture of today, our bottom line is not our chief concern.  We do not base our success on wealth and material goods.  Our success is based on how many lives we change.  What we care about, and ALL we care about, is living life as best we can.

Where Will The Inspiration Come From?

Everyone wears t-shirts so Live Life Every Day ® is starting by getting its powerful message out on high-quality, extremely comfortable, Bamboo and Organic Cotton tees.  LiveLifeEveryDay.com was created to help facilitate Live Life Every Day ® in getting its message out to the world.  The Live Life Blog will be updated to provide you with the inspiration you need to live your life.  From there, we’re going to see where the road takes us.  In the end, that’s really what life is all about.  You don’t have to know where you’re going as long as you’re having fun along the way.

Give Back With EVERY T-Shirt

As you should be able to tell already, Live Life Every Day ® is about more than just t-shirts.  It's more than just clothing.  It's more than just a company.  The goal is to inspire as many people as possible and so we are proud that $1 from EVERY t-shirt we sell, will be donated to The National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  To find out more about this, check out our "How We Give Back" page.

4 Little Words Colored Green

Live Life Every Day ® is not only dedicated to helping our fellow man, but we are also dedicated to helping our environment and our world.  Every Live Life Every Day ® T-Shirt is printed on premium Bamboo and GOTS Certified Organic Cotton tees and will now be made in the U.S.A.!  Bamboo is one of the world's most sustainable resources and organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals such as pesticides or fertilizers.  The end result is not only a healthy and eco-friendly product, but also much healthier soil and a much healthier environment in general.  And to take things one step further, we will now print using water based ink!  We also use 100% Recycled Paper for our hangtags, letters, and promotional materials.  We are dedicated to ensuring our 4 little words are colored in green.

Live Life Every Day ® is also a Certified Green Business by Green America ®!

Learn more about our green initiatives here.

How Can You Start To Live Life Every Day?

This leads us to our motto/mantra/what we live by/whatever you want to call it.  Write it down.  Remember it.  Live it.  Here it is: