How To Progress

The name of the game is progress
No this game does not exclude stress
The degree of difficulty is definitely high
And it doesn’t include instructions or even a reason why
So why would you play such a hard game?
Is it money, fame or so they will remember your name?
We all have a different reason
We all have different things we believe in
But what matters is that we actually play
Not just once or twice, but every single day
See that’s the secret and that’s how you win
The first step is to simply begin
And if every day you move even just a little bit further along
You will find over time, you’re exactly where you belong
This game is unlike any you’ve ever played before
With no clear cut ending, you find yourself wanting more
Maybe it’s a game that never actually ends
It’s a good thing it’s not a solo game, so play with all your friends
The idea is that as long as you’re playing, you’ll always have a chance
But the minute you give up, well that’s the last dance
So really you decide when it’s game over
For some that decision comes when they land on closure
But if you really want to experience everything the game has
Then you must understand it’s not the same game as
As a game like checkers or even like chess
No, this is the game of Progress
And the best strategy to win is to create your own way
And to remember to always Live Life EVERY Day!
  • Rosie Rivera says...

    Thanks for the inspiration at such a stressful time.

    On Oct 26, 2020

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