You are YOU and that’s all that you need to be
Be YOU, not me, you need to be free
Free to be who YOU want to be
Be able to look in the mirror so you can really see
See the strength that lives in the depths of your soul
Soul searching day and night to achieve your goal
Goal planning because you are meant to be great
Great, real great, there is no debate
Debate if you want, but you have a purpose which you need to find
Find the answer hidden inside your mind
Mind over matter is the name of the game
Game after game, Life is never the same
Same is not who you are, you should know that
That you are not the same, you are YOU, and if not, that’s something you need to work at
At accepting that your originality is what can help to change the world
World peace, world change all in a day’s work as the earth is twirled
Twirled in a day but it seems like forever
Forever is how long they will always remember
Remember your name because your legend grows
Grows into a story that everybody knows
Knows all the lives you helped to change
Change the world, that idea is not so strange
Strange is when you are not fully YOU
You gotta do what you gotta do
Do it for YOU, look in the mirror and say
“For me, I will Live Life EVERY Day.”

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