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How To Be Happy

We all want to be happy, right?
Isn’t that the end goal that’s always in sight?
But how do we reach this goal?
How, can true happiness reach our soul?
Too often we assume that happiness comes from outside
But the truth is real happiness comes from INSIDE
This world can be a dark place from time to time
So you must learn how to create your own sunshine
Perspective is a great place to start
Think of every day like a new beautiful piece of art
Where some people may see a blank empty canvas,
Your positive perspective sees a frame that says, “I can do this”
It’s not about how many things you have or how...
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All I Do Is Win

Your alarm goes off and it’s time to begin
Your eyes are open, so it’s already a win
Your feet hit the ground and you begin to stand
You stretch your arms up and move each hand
And just like that, that’s win number two
Your body can move and for some people, that’s not always true
You walk into the bathroom and turn on the sink
Water comes out, that doesn’t always happen, I think
Are you keeping track? That’s win number three
If you’re not keeping track, that’s ok, that’s why you have me
I’m here to remind you of all the small victories
That can fill up your day like a box of positivities
So where are we at, what’s...
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Life in Quarantine

So you’re stuck in quarantine
Wondering when Life will move on to the next scene
Every day you wake up and ask, “When will this movie end?”
Loneliness has become your best friend
The days all seem to blend together
You’re starting to think this is gonna last forever
But now more than ever, hold onto your positive mind
Because your positive mind was meant for this positive grind
How many times have you said, “I just don’t have enough time”?
We all know wasting your time may be Life’s biggest crime
And now you’ve been blessed with the one thing of which you never had enough
Wake up and see that your decision isn’t really tough
You now have more time than you could...
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10 Years

Live Life Every Day ® was founded on March 20, 2010 making today our 10th Birthday!  Also, don't forget we share our birthday with the International Day of Happiness!  Here's a special message from our Founder and President:
10 years ago today is when it all went down
It’s been a decade of building an upside down frown
A decade is crazy when you say it out loud
But make no mistake, I’m saying it loud and proud
What happens in a decade is too much to repeat
But all that really matters is that I didn’t succumb to defeat
And every year I tell you that I will never quit
And every year that passes by, I don’t ever quit
What we’ve built together is too strong to break
Because it’s not easy breaking something that took a...
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How To Tell Time

What time is it? 
The time is now. 
Whether you’ve been waiting all day, week, month or year 
The time is finally here 
We talk all the time about waiting for the right time 
But rarely does the right time ever happen at the right time 
Did you catch what that meant the first time? 
If not, go back and read it another time 
Because sometimes we take time for granted 
It’s like we think time comes from time trees that every day are planted 
The truth is time is one of the most precious things we own 
But do we really own time, or is it given to us on loan? 
An investment in us to use our time here for...
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A View From The Top

Up on the top is where I wanna be
I hear the view from up there is something to see
Every day I wake up and think about how it'll look
It'll be a fitting ending to the story in my life's book
Why do we look up to the sky when we think about our dreams?
Why don't we look straight ahead and think about the means?
The means to achieve what we want to achieve
No more looking up, you've got to believe 
Believe in yourself and what you can do
It's all led you here, everything you've been through
No more waiting for the right time
Because right about now will do just fine
Not tomorrow, next week or even...
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