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Live Life Every Day ® has been green from day one.

We use certified organic cotton, bamboo and recycled polyester in our t-shirts and hoodies.

Our designs are printed using water based inks.

100% Certified Organic Cotton T-Shirts

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$1 from every sale is donated to The National Multiple Sclerosis Society!

Join us in the movement to help those with M.S. live their lives EVERY DAY!

The Live Life Blog

Original poems and posts providing you with the inspiration you need to Live Life Every Day.

What Does "Live Life Every Day" Mean?

"Live Life Every Day" means something different to each and every human being.

Whatever "Live Life Every Day" means to you, it’s likely to be something deep, something true, something near and dear to your heart, something that defines you in a way nothing else can.  It is the key to your true happiness.

"Live Life Every Day," 4 little words transformed into one powerful message.

Who Are We?

We are no longer going to sit back and let people live unhappy lives.  Life’s too short to waste it. 

Live Life Every Day ® is unlike any company or brand you have ever known.  We are dedicated to inspiring the world to take advantage of every opportunity that life throws at you.

We do not base our success on wealth and material goods.  Our success is based on how many lives we change.

What we care about, and ALL we care about, is inspiring the world and living life as best we can.

The Live Life Blog

Life Is All About The Little Things

Ever heard the expression, “Big things come in small packages?”
We all know Life is gonna be full of challenges
But if you learn to appreciate the little things
Then you’ll be able to take on whatever the day brings
Maybe it’s the smell of your favorite flower
Or maybe it’s the song you sing in the shower
Maybe it’s the sound of walking on fresh snow
Or maybe it’s being front row at your favorite show
Maybe it’s the sound of sneakers squeaking on a basketball court
Or maybe it’s taking the day off and building a giant pillow fort
Maybe it’s the sound of crashing waves
Or maybe it’s simply the sunshine your body craves
Maybe it’s turning the page of your...
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How To Be Happy

We all want to be happy, right?
Isn’t that the end goal that’s always in sight?
But how do we reach this goal?
How, can true happiness reach our soul?
Too often we assume that happiness comes from outside
But the truth is real happiness comes from INSIDE
This world can be a dark place from time to time
So you must learn how to create your own sunshine
Perspective is a great place to start
Think of every day like a new beautiful piece of art
Where some people may see a blank empty canvas,
Your positive perspective sees a frame that says, “I can do this”
It’s not about how many things you have or how...
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All I Do Is Win

Your alarm goes off and it’s time to begin
Your eyes are open, so it’s already a win
Your feet hit the ground and you begin to stand
You stretch your arms up and move each hand
And just like that, that’s win number two
Your body can move and for some people, that’s not always true
You walk into the bathroom and turn on the sink
Water comes out, that doesn’t always happen, I think
Are you keeping track? That’s win number three
If you’re not keeping track, that’s ok, that’s why you have me
I’m here to remind you of all the small victories
That can fill up your day like a box of positivities
So where are we at, what’s...
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