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Live Life Every Day ® has been awarded Green Business Certification by Green America ®.

We use GOTS certified organic cotton, bamboo and recycled polyester in our t-shirts and hoodies.

Our designs are printed using water based inks.

100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton T-Shirts

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$1 from every sale is donated to The National Multiple Sclerosis Society!

Join us in the movement to help those with M.S. live their lives EVERY DAY!

The Live Life Blog

Original poems and posts providing you with the inspiration you need to Live Life Every Day.

What Does "Live Life Every Day" Mean?

"Live Life Every Day" means something different to each and every human being.

Whatever "Live Life Every Day" means to you, it’s likely to be something deep, something true, something near and dear to your heart, something that defines you in a way nothing else can.  It is the key to your true happiness.

"Live Life Every Day," 4 little words transformed into one powerful message.

Who Are We?

We are no longer going to sit back and let people live unhappy lives.  Life’s too short to waste it. 

Live Life Every Day ® is unlike any company or brand you have ever known.  We are dedicated to inspiring the world to take advantage of every opportunity that life throws at you.

We do not base our success on wealth and material goods.  Our success is based on how many lives we change.

What we care about, and ALL we care about, is inspiring the world and living life as best we can.

The Live Life Blog

Love Is Love - Live Life Every Day

Love Is Love

Love is love
One more time, love is love
Have you ever loved someone, but been afraid to say it?
Have you ever loved something, but been afraid to say it?
Why should we control who someone else loves?
Why should we control what someone else does?
The answer is we shouldn't
If it was you, you wouldn't
What makes you happy and what makes me happy is not the same
Uniqueness is the name of the game
We all walk on the road to happiness
So why should any of us deserve it less?
It's not about what the person...
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Why Self Love Is Important

It all starts with you
Nothing more could be true
If you want to love another
Love yourself like a brother
If you want to succeed
Self love is what you need
Yet self love isn’t always taught from an early age
Our minds get trapped in a social cage
Thinking: “Do they like me? Do they love me?”
Instead of “Do I like me? Do I love me?”
Flipping a “they” for an “I” is sometimes all it takes
Self love is what this recipe makes
Why do we care so much about what...
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How To Find Motivation

It happened again
That feeling you knew would come back, just didn’t know when
An ounce of motivation left the cup you drink from
But an ounce lost does not mean that cup is empty and done
What about all the other ounces that are left in that cup you now stare at
Do they not count for anything or have you not thought about that?
Our Life’s cup does not stay full every single day
Because every single day we use our cup in a very different way
Some days we use more and some days we use less
The level of our cup usually is connected to the level of our stress
Appreciate the days when you drink less from your cup
These are the days when you move forward and you level up
So what do you do when you...
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