Why You Should Never Give Up

What if the first time you ate your favorite food it wasn’t cooked right?
What if the first time you saw the ocean was at night?
What if the first time you heard your favorite artist their voice wasn’t up to par?
What if the first time you went star gazing you never saw a star?
The point is the first time is rarely ever the best
So why is there so much pressure to ace that first test?
Many people say you have to fail to succeed
So maybe perfection isn’t actually what we need
Life is a gradual process
That is the reason for progress
You don’t begin and end all at the same time
So why would you think giving up would ever be fine?
If you give up you won’t get the answer you’ve been searching for
Giving up is like attaching, but never opening, the door
There is much to be learned in the arms of defeat
It doesn’t have to be a show it can of course be discrete
You never know when someone else is close to giving up
It’s ok to need help refilling your life’s cup
So don’t be afraid to take a helpful hand
None of us were born with the ability to stand
So don’t let a failure define who you are
Or actually, maybe, let a failure define who you are
Because perspective is always the key
So chances are that failure put you right where you need to be
Never ever give up is the lesson today
And always remember: Live Life EVERY Day!
  • Paula Marques says...

    This made me think, thank you for the inspiration and to remind us to live life every day and not to give up.

    On Feb 25, 2021

  • Rosie Rivera says...

    Thank you for continuing to inspire us to never give up & to Live Life Every Day!

    On Feb 02, 2021

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