How To Find Motivation

It happened again
That feeling you knew would come back, just didn’t know when
An ounce of motivation left the cup you drink from
But an ounce lost does not mean that cup is empty and done
What about all the other ounces that are left in that cup you now stare at
Do they not count for anything or have you not thought about that?
Our Life’s cup does not stay full every single day
Because every single day we use our cup in a very different way
Some days we use more and some days we use less
The level of our cup usually is connected to the level of our stress
Appreciate the days when you drink less from your cup
These are the days when you move forward and you level up
So what do you do when you lose some motivation?
It’s easy to give up and it’s easy to get impatient
Instead of looking at your cup, you look in the mirror
Wipe any fog away, so the reflection is clearer
When you lose motivation you need to look into your eyes
And remember, deep down inside, what is your prize?
Your prize? Meaning, why is it you do what you do?
And also, what does it mean to be you?
Now these are hard questions that we don’t always have the answers to
But remember, by solving hard questions that’s how real issues are worked through
So you’re looking for motivation
More specifically, it’s location
But motivation doesn’t come from one particular place
There isn’t a store called “The Motivational Space”
So start by walking over to the switch and flipping on the light
It’s much harder to find motivation in the darkness of the night
That may seem obvious but think about it a little bit more
Isn’t it easier in the light to find what you’ve been looking for?
So where does this light come from, what is its source?
You ready for this? It’s a motivational force
See all you had to do was flip that light switch
It’s equivalent to finally scratching that middle of the back itch
See your motivation is connected to your atmosphere
So if you sit in the dark, you’re sitting in fear
Fear of what might have been or fear of what may be
But turning on the light is the only way you’re going to see
And when you turn on the light your vision gets clearer
And we arrive right back at that mirror
You look deep into your eyes
No longer sitting, you begin to rise
“I will be everything I want to be”
“I can do anything because I am me”
Those are the things you need to say
So the motivation in your cup can be here to stay
And if you follow the above, you’ll be on your way
To doin’ what you gotta do and Livin’ Life EVERY Day!

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