The Strong Kind

It’s been said, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”
Feeds you the will to last even longer
When you’ve been to the bottom, you remember the smell
And you’ll remember how it felt, in every story you tell
And every story you tell will keep the legend alive
About everything you’ve been through, and yet continued to thrive
So close that basement door and throw away the key
You’re only walking up from now on, you’ll see
You’re even stronger than you’ve ever been before
This victory isn’t enough, you want even more
The world is your stage and it’s opening day
They’re calling your name, it’s time to play
The great ones can turn a negative into a positive
Because their sole purpose in life is simply, to give
Give back to those who’ve given to them
And give back to those who’ve taken from them
Because to truly give is to not differentiate
We all need love, get rid of the hate
A positive mind is a strong mind
And a strong mind builds a strong kind
And a strong kind walks a strong line
A strong line that is real fine
So grab a hand and help them along
Or maybe even grab two or three, remember you’re strong
And together we’ll all be on our way
Back to doin’ what we gotta do and Livin’ Life EVERY Day
  • Rosie Rivera says...

    Thanks for continuing to inspire us to do what we gotta do & to “Live Life Every Day”

    On Nov 24, 2021

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