Why Self Love Is Important

It all starts with you
Nothing more could be true
If you want to love another
Love yourself like a brother
If you want to succeed
Self love is what you need
Yet self love isn’t always taught from an early age
Our minds get trapped in a social cage
Thinking: “Do they like me? Do they love me?”
Instead of “Do I like me? Do I love me?”
Flipping a “they” for an “I” is sometimes all it takes
Self love is what this recipe makes
Why do we care so much about what other people think
Yet we’re so quick to let our own minds slowly sink
Sink into an ocean of what may be
You’ve got to keep your head up so your eyes can see
See the real world and not the digital one
The digital world too often soaks up all the fun
So don’t be so concerned with what “they’re” gonna say
Don’t be afraid to do things your own way
When you truly love yourself the light shines brighter
Self love is the sign of an unbreakable fighter
Because when you believe in yourself more than anyone else does
The chance of you succeeding is greater than it ever was
No this isn’t being selfish, it’s a different kind of love
One that protects you, like a hand in a glove
So look in the mirror and smile at what you see
You’re the greatest YOU there could ever be
So take your self love and go on your way
It’s time to Live Life EVERY Day!
  • Rosie says...

    To all that we can be!

    On Jun 01, 2021

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