Where Is The Love?

Where did all the hate come from?
Don’t we know that hate makes the heart numb?
What happened to the love?
A world with peace is what I’m thinking of
Why do we feel the need to fight?
Even when we know the other side is right?
What happened to simple human decency?
Negativity is winning the battle, can’t you see?
Our minds have been clouded by things that don’t matter
And the hate around our hearts has grown fatter and fatter
When will it end, is what I want to know
I think we’ve all grown tired of this unentertaining show
Why are we so caught up in each other’s opinions and views
So much that we treat each other based on from what channel we get our news
Whatever happened to, “treat each other how YOU want to be treated?”
When did that train of thought get defeated?
When did love get a demon?
When did our morals become battered and beaten?
“Why can’t we all just get along?” has never felt so relevant
We’re all in the same room, but can’t address that elephant
Each and every one of us struggles every day
We’re supposed to be there for each other, to help in any way
We’re not supposed to knock each other down
We’re supposed to help each other put on our own personal crown
Sure it’s WAY easier said than done
But is that another problem from which you just want to run?
Nothing worth doing is ever easy
And sometimes it may even come off as being cheesy
But it shouldn’t stop us at all
Together we can climb that wall
We’re much better than this
That is the point, which I don’t want you to miss
Please take a step back and see how this can all come together
The pieces all fit when we all come together
Humankind is supposed to be KIND
Let that one sink into your mind
Do what you gotta do.
Live Life EVERY Day.

  • Rosie says...

    Very inspirational!

    On Oct 27, 2018

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