How To Climb a Mountain

You look up and see it reach into the sky
You think to yourself, “There’s a chance I might die.”
“How will I ever do this?!,” you shout
As your mind tries to fight off the doubt
There will be snow and there will be rain
There will certainly be moments of intense pain
But you know when you reach the top and stand tall
It’s going to have been worth it all
You look around to make sure you have all your tools
And all your papers that have all the rules
“You have to do this first” and “make sure you do it like that”
Who knew the rulebook would be this fat?
You look around and see there’s a crowd that’s beginning to form
You think to yourself, “is this really the norm?”
Some of them are cheering and wishing you luck
And others are laughing and betting on when you’ll get stuck
You reach in your bag and pull out your headphones
That’s better, now you can’t hear any of the noises or moans
But oh no, now people are coming up to you one by one
They’re all giving you advice on how it should be done
Some are pushy and very insisting
Others are kind and only mean to be assisting
You push through the crowd because it’s time to move
Don’t let all these people ruin your groove
You have your bag of tools and your papers of rules
You have all you need, you’re gonna show these fools
You look up again and see that it’s dark
It’s now even harder to see your mark
See what happened was you took all this time getting prepared
And convincing yourself not to be scared
That now the conditions will make your climb harder
You think to yourself, “If only I was smarter.”
And you’ve already learned a lesson before you’ve even begun
Just think about all you will have learned by the time you’re done
This lesson is that sometimes it’s better to just begin
And your growth along the way is how you’ll ultimately win
Now you realize your bag’s too heavy and you have to let some stuff go
How will you choose and how will you know?
Welcome to the world’s hardest mountain to climb
The key is to stop wasting your time
Put one foot forward and start the climb
This is where half the people are lost, most of the time
So just begin and stop worrying if you’re ready or not
Remember, you only get one shot
So what do you call this mountain of strife?
Surprise surprise, it’s The Mountain of Life.
Do what you gotta do.
Live Life EVERY Day.

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