No Excuses

I’m tired
I got fired
It’s too much work
My boss is a jerk
I can’t get out of bed
There’s too much going on in my head
There’s not enough time in the day
It can’t happen, there’s just no way
I can’t do it alone
This is just out of my zone
It’s supposed to rain
But they’ll think I’m insane
No one’s ever done this before
It’s not enough, I need more
They will laugh at me
They will make fun of me
I need more money
They won’t think I’m funny
I’m waiting for the right moment
No, not against this opponent
Next time
That will be the right time
These are all excuses that we all use
We’re so afraid to pay our dues
If we took all that negative energy
And remembered the lessons from our memory
And used both in a positive way
You would see how much easier things would be TODAY
Excuses are an absolute waste
It’s like ordering a gourmet meal when you have no sense of taste
Too much of Life is lost to an excuse
Why squeeze the orange if you’re not going to drink the juice?
It’s time to show excuses the door
And use them no more
Deal with your mistakes directly
Because if you don’t, someone else will come along and do it correctly
And THEY will be the one to succeed
While you look from behind and stare at THEM in the lead
So no more excuses, get rid of them all
And watch as the walls all begin to fall
You now have a clear mind with a clear purpose at hand
And whatever you accomplish in Life is sure to be grand
No excuse
There’s just no use.
Do what you gotta do.
Live Life EVERY Day.

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