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You were meant to be great
Born into this world with a simple fate
To leave it as a much better place
And to teach it how to have a smile on its face
To bring a positive change to this negative time
To look at the mountain and teach the world how to climb
Your journey was never meant to be easy
Facts are facts, it doesn’t matter if it sounds cheesy
Before you succeed, you will have to suffer
This is how all the great ones get tougher
With every failure remember who you were meant to be
Use it as motivation to grow your inner tree
And with every branch that forms, your heart will grow
Until it’s time for the world to know
Who you are and why you are here
To comfort their souls and lead them away from fear
Life was meant to be enjoyed
So the negativity must be destroyed
The world needs you now more than ever
You’ll figure it out, you’re just that clever
Chin up, head up and eyes to the sky
This is when you finally fly
If your wings ever begin to slow
Remind yourself what’s important to know
You were meant to be great
Born into this world with a simple fate
Do what you gotta do.
Live Life EVERY Day.

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