We’ve got it all wrong
And it’s been this way for so long
We all want to be happy, right?
To be at that place where the light shines bright?
And so the ultimate question is, “How do we get there?”
But to think there’s one simple answer is just plain unfair
Yes, we are all created equal
But we are all different people
Different goals
Different roles
What makes me happy may not be what does it for you
So there can’t possibly be one generic blueprint for what we need to do
My path will be different than your path
And to solve Life’s problems, we’ll use different math
So what if we’ve been searching for happiness in the wrong place?
And all along the answer has been right there, in front of our face
You’ve already learned that without failure, there would be no success
And so today’s lesson is: without sadness, there would be no happiness
We live our lives afraid of things that make us sad
Constantly avoiding things that make us mad
But we need to remember, there will always be the good and the bad
That one’s worth repeating, there will always be the good and the bad
What if true happiness comes from knowing true sadness?
What if true happiness comes from surviving the madness?
If you’re willing to take the risk and become vulnerable
Your level of happiness will be unmeasurable
What if true happiness is hidden in the highs and the lows?
Ready to show itself only when, “anything goes”
If you hold yourself back for even just one inch
The amount of true happiness you’ll experience, will be only one pinch
Some people say it’s all about the journey and not the destination
But what if it’s about both, not just one situation?
Life is full of ups and downs
Plenty of smiles and frowns
And we must learn to appreciate it all
Never staying down, whenever we fall
We need to stop picturing true happiness as a place we need to be
And realize that it’s all around us, it’s really plain to see
If you’re looking for an address, its home is our mind
Waiting for all of Life’s opportunities that we’ll inevitably find
We’ve learned about perspective
And what it has to give
Now true happiness is perspective’s best friend
They’re seen everywhere together, again and again
So how can we summarize what we’ve learned now?
True happiness can surely be achieved, but how?
Take advantage of every opportunity that Life throws at you
Don’t be afraid of experiences that are completely new
Don’t be so worried about following the paths that have been paved
True happiness often comes when new paths are made
Don’t get discouraged when people call you crazy
Chances are they’d love to do what you’re doing, they’re just too lazy
And if they’re not lazy, then maybe they’re scared
Because true happiness is something that for most people, they’re just not mentally prepared
But not you, you’re strong
You’ll prove them wrong
And then one day, they’ll ask you how you did it
And you’ll sit them down and walk them through it
It all starts with one phrase and you’ll turn to them and say,
“It’s really quite easy, I Lived Life EVERY Day.”

  • WellRed says...

    Subtlety is key

    On Jan 11, 2018

  • Merlin says...

    Fantastic and please keep them coming!

    On Nov 14, 2017

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