Why Are We So Scared To Be Happy?

Why are we so scared to be happy?
You’ll probably say, “That’s not true, it can’t be!”
But our actions say otherwise
Constantly feeding our lies
We tell ourselves one thing, yet do another
It’s become very apparent in the way we treat each other
Sometimes we hold on to the pain
Feeling more comfortable as we dance in the rain
We cover our eyes from the truth
Blinding ourselves from the proof
So scared of what may be
We stay sad and unhappy
Doors open and close as we stand in the hallway
Yet we complain and complain and say, “I’ve been waiting all day.”
But what are you waiting for?
I know, it’s that “right door”
The one that leads where you want it to lead
It’s the one you’ve been waiting for, the one that you need
It’s the one that’s filled with all your hopes and your dreams
The one where true happiness lies, at least that’s what it seems
But what if I told you that door doesn’t exist?
And you’ll be waiting in that hallway forever, clenching your fist
You see we’re always waiting for the right time
The right moment and the right sign
And before you know it, you’ve spent your Life waiting
Constantly overthinking and debating
And you’ve missed out on opportunity after opportunity
Memory after memory
You see we have so much Life to live
And to us, Life has so much to give
We need to learn to open our eyes
And sit back and listen to the wise
We all say we want to be truly happy, but do we really mean it?
I don’t know anymore, we have to really feel it
We can’t be all talk
We have to walk the walk
We have to get rid of our fear
We have to really listen, not just hear
“Why shouldn’t I think?” you might ask
Well that’s totally normal when you’re dealing with an everyday task
But our minds are so powerful, they often get in the way
And we over think what we do and what we say
And you wind up losing out on what might’ve been
All because you were afraid to simply begin
“Well that’s not fair, maybe I’m not ready!”
Just another example of when our thoughts get too heady
Life doesn’t happen the way you think it will
So don’t get caught standing still
Be proactive and don’t be afraid to make the moves you need to make
True happiness is there, waiting, ready for you to take
Don’t get caught in the end, filled with regret
Go out and live a Life that no one will forget.
Do what you gotta do.
Live Life Every Day.

  • WellRed says...

    Take what’s yours. Opportunity is created by those brave enough to learn the difference is all the same

    On Jan 11, 2018

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