Life is full of struggle
Set in a pain filled jungle
Good days, bad days
Unknown pathways
Perspective is the medicine that helps you cope
It’s the only medicine prescribed as a rope
Perspective helps you climb up out of the jungle
Perspective helps you deal with all the constant struggle
You see negativity will always exist
But positivity will always persist
If you want to truly succeed
The right perspective is what you need
There will always be pain
But realize what comes after is what you have to gain
Our muscles grow stronger after being ripped and torn
Our mind is no different from the day we are born
Life’s experiences are our mental workouts
And the result is the strength to deal with all the pains and the doubts
Having the right perspective isn’t easy
In fact, often times, it’s seen as quite cheesy
We always seem to take the easy way out
To feel sorry for ourselves and sit around and pout
And stare at the wall and do nothing but shout
Sometimes it seems more comfortable to be surrounded by doubt
But nothing worth doing is ever easy
Try standing your ground when the air gets real breezy
But then perspective comes in to save the day
And tells you, “What if there was another way?”
What if everything that happens is for a reason?
What if Life is like the weather, changing every season?
If you let negativity rule your mind
Success will be hard to find
If you learn to look at things in a positive way
Happy days will be more likely to stay
So the next time the pain begins to creep up
Head to the doctor for your routine check-up
And he’ll give you a slip and say, “This will help you live.”
Don’t be surprised, take as needed. Its perspective.
Do what you gotta do.
Live Life Every Day.

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