A Message For Ted Williams

By now, most of you have heard the story of Ted Williams and seen the video that explains it all.  For those who have not, here’s a quick recap:

Ted Williams was blessed with an amazing booming voice. At the age of 14, while on a class trip, he fell in love with radio and his life changed forever.  He became a radio host, only natural for a man with his voice, yet his life quickly spiraled down as he got mixed up with drugs and alcohol. For years he lived on the streets, hoping to one day get a second chance.

On Monday, January 3, 2011, he got the second chance he was in search of for so long. Weeks before, a reporter from a Columbus, Ohio newspaper had filmed Ted on the side of a Columbus highway.  Ted would stand there with a sign asking for help which said, “I’m an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times.”  Ted and his voice were filmed by the Columbus reporter and on January 3rd, he became an instant internet sensation.

As of today, the video of Ted has received millions of hits on YouTube.  He has appeared on an Ohio radio station, been interviewed on the TODAY show, been offered a job with the Cleveland Cavaliers and is being sought out by NFL Films.

Ted, this message is for you:

Congratulations.  You were at the bottom of the bottom, as low as any man could get, yet you still did not give up. Because of your hard work and perseverance, you will never spend another night on the streets.  You will no longer dream of a better life and wonder when that saving day will come.  Yes, you have made mistakes in your life, but who hasn’t?  The years you spent on the streets were enough.  Everyone deserves a second chance and your chance has come.  You have stayed prepared and now you will reap the benefits.

You are an inspiration to not only every homeless person in the world, but every person sitting and hoping for their second chance.  You have been blessed with an amazing talent and you have chosen to embrace it.  Who knows what life has in store for you from here on out.  But all that really matters is that you are happy and you are once again able to look yourself in the mirror and be able to smile. We wish you the best of luck.  May you achieve everything you have ever hoped for.

Ted Williams, a man who is no doubt Living his Life Every Day.

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