Ten Ways to Live Life

1. Stop saying the following phrase (and anything that sounds like it): “Maybe next time.”

• Quite simply, what if there was no next time?

2. Appreciate the fact that you woke up this morning

• There are some people who did not

3. Laugh every day and as often as you can

• Humor makes everything better

4. Have new experiences

• It’s the best way to learn what you love

5. Get excited about the small things in life

• A sunny day, your favorite song plays on the radio, your favorite movie is on TV, you get out of work early, you wake up and realize you still have an hour left to sleep, you’re at the store counter and you find out something you’re buying is cheaper than you thought it was, etc.

• You’ll learn how much life really has to offer

6. Don’t be afraid to fail

• You’ll appreciate it so much more when you succeed

7. Don’t be afraid to dream and have goals

• Everyone needs a purpose

8. Do what you love to do

• Don’t get stuck doing what you think you’re supposed to do or what others tell you you’re supposed to do. Do what YOU want to do.

9. Do something random

• Change things up. Make it interesting. Keep your life exciting.

10. Don’t let anyone tell you something’s impossible

• They’re wrong

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