Why Should We Live Life?

Well, really, the question is, why shouldn’t we?  It almost seems like common sense.  We only get one chance yet we don’t live this way.  Most of the time we get caught up in insignificant things, blinded by excuses, scared to take any risks.

But what if we took risks?  What if we stopped making excuses?  What if we lived our lives to the fullest?  We would all be truly happy. Why is that?

Most of us live our lives waiting for something, someone, or some opportunity to sweep us off our feet and make us happy.  We aren’t willing to take the initiative and make ourselves happy.  Most of the time we know what makes us happy, yet we ignore it.  We get caught up in what everyone else expects us to do that we forget to do what WE want to do.  It shouldn’t matter what other people think, yet it does.  So then fine.  If you want to tell me that other people’s opinions do matter, then fine, that’s all they should matter as, opinions.  You can take their opinions and you can choose to accept or reject them based on whether or not it makes you happy.  That’s all that really matters.  YOU live with your life decisions, and no one else.

We should wake up every morning and be thankful that we are alive.  If you wake up, it’s a good day.  It doesn’t matter what happens that day, as long as you live to see another day, it’s okay.  Yet too many of us take being alive for granted.  We don’t realize how short life is until it’s completely passed us by.  We push things aside by saying “maybe next time.”  This is insane.  What if there was no next time?  What if this was the only opportunity you ever had?  And you just missed it because you were “too tired” or “didn’t feel like it.”

And in a nutshell, that’s how life passes you by.  A bunch of “maybe next times” and “I’m too tired’s.”  But just think about how different your life would be if you seized every opportunity you had, no matter how small or how large.  To do what truly makes you happy is an unbelievable feeling that too many of us miss out on.  We are misguided to believe that material things bring us happiness.  That a corner office = success.  That a good looking or wealthy partner = a long lasting relationship.  Whatever the issue may be, too many of us do not know true happiness.

It is sad because happiness is so easy to obtain.  If only we unwrapped the blindfold from around our eyes, we would truly see the many opportunities and experiences that life has to offer.

So I challenge you.  Follow your heart.  Follow your dreams.  Don’t let anything or anyone stop you.  Don’t waste anymore time.

Do what you gotta do.  Live Life.

  • Live Life Every Day says...

    You're absolutely right! We must take advantage of every opportunity we get and we must not be afraid to follow our dreams. Keep Living Life!!

    On Oct 28, 2014

  • mmo says...

    We should live life because your life is not a dress rehearsal. We don't get a second chance. Find your deepest passion and live it every day. Follow your dream and share it with the ones you love most.

    On Oct 28, 2014

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