The Sun

The sun comes out and starts to shine
You realize you’re gonna be fine
You take a breath of fresh air
And look up to the sky and stare
You think about where you’ve been and where you are
And how you’ve come so far
From the bottom you climbed your way out
Passed all the darkness, passed all the doubt
You find yourself in an abundance of light
That’s your future you see, it looks so bright
And so here you stand tall, soaking in the rays
Looking back on the good ol’ days
You see now they’re good, but how can that be?
Because when you’re in the darkness it’s hard for you to see
Even the bad days turn out to be good in the end
You see sadness and failure are both your friend
They teach you a lesson that’s hard to learn
Sometimes to get through the fire, you have to feel the burn
So back to the sun that you’re currently standing in
It’s exciting right? You’re ready to begin
To begin a new chapter in your Life’s book
You’re turning a new page, it’s got a completely new look
It’s a great feeling when the puzzle starts to fit together
Good times are ahead, you can tell just from the weather
Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams
No matter how hard it seems
True happiness is not easy to achieve
But you can certainly do it, if you believe
If you believe in yourself and what you stand for
Then don’t be afraid to walk through that door
Because in one step your Life will change
And the unknown will no longer seem strange
So take the risk and do what you gotta do
The only one that can do it is you
So get up and get on your way
And don’t forget, LIVE LIFE EVERY DAY

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