I Want To Be Happy

You see that person over there? That’s who I wanna be
I want that to be me, they look so happy
I want to smile all day
And talk in a positive way
I want there to be no negative thoughts in my mind
That’s the Life that I’ve been trying to find
Most of us think like this, don’t we?
Constantly saying, “Why can’t that be me?”
The crazy thing is it can be
It just takes work, it’s not that easy
What we fail to see
Is that it takes courage to be truly happy
It’s not going to be handed to you on a silver plate
It won’t be there for you if you sit around and wait
You can’t be afraid to fail
Or else you’ll be forever stuck in this jail
It’s a prison of mediocrity and comfortableness
It’s where we lie to ourselves and call it happiness
We get used to the day to day
To the same questions we answer the same way
“Work is work” and “a job is a job”
These are phrases that hide our soul that is trying to sob
If we took the amount of work we do to hide how we truly feel
And used it to be happy, the result would be shockingly real
But instead we ponder about what could be
It’s almost like we’re happy being unhappy
Remember, it takes courage to be truly happy
Courage we all possess, both you and me
We all have different Life situations
Scattered across the world, living in different nations
But the quest for true happiness is what we all share
But unfortunately, only a few of us will even dare
And that’s what needs to change
True happiness should not be strange
The courage is in all of us waiting to be released
Waiting to fight the world’s negativity like a fiery beast
Stop listing all the reasons why it can’t be done
And hold on to a reason why it can be, all you need is just one
You have the power to change your Life and it starts today
Knock down all the obstacles that have been blocking your way
Remember this day as the day you took control
It’s the day your mind aligned with your heart and soul
Do what you gotta do
Live Life Every Day

  • Rebecca says...

    Love the Monday Motivation!

    On May 27, 2018

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