Rock Bottom


One day you wake up and feel around
And what you feel is the cold hard ground
You ask, “How did I get here?!”
And you realize, you’ve been living in fear
Fear of what though?
And that answer, you just don’t know.
But maybe that’s it, the fear of the unknown
Or maybe it’s not having anything substantial to call your own
You’ve hit rock bottom, that much is true
So now what are you gonna do?
Yes, you’ve made many mistakes, but that’s ok
And you remember what people usually say
“There’s nowhere else to go from here but up,” right?
But where’s that first step up, I’ve got to get that in my sight
Sometimes you have to feel that cold hard ground on your face
To inspire you to get back up and in the race
There are moments in life that define who we are
Like a cut or a scrape that turns into a scar
But this scar is much more because it turns into a star
And just like a star, your light will shine far
You remember that you are meant for great things
And you have the strength to handle whatever life brings
Your life has meaning
Now it’s time to stop dreaming
You look up and see the ladder
Now getting to it is the only thing that should matter
You see the bottom isn’t your home
It’s a temporary shelter where your mind has grown
It’s time to checkout
And get rid of the doubt
You will succeed
That much is guaranteed
But it won’t happen
Unless you get up and take action
So all that negative thinking, it’s time to stop
And say, “Goodbye” to the bottom and, “Hello,” to the top

Do what you gotta do.
Live Life Every Day.

  • Lois Hatolski says...

    So glad your back!!!!! Love the new look too!!! So inspirational, keep more coming!!!!

    On Sep 15, 2016

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