Falling Down

When you fall down
And hit the ground
So many thoughts go through your mind
Is it all worth, this daily grind?
You question yourself,
Your worth, your health.
Then the pain begins to set in,
You look around, but there’s no medicine.
You think about why you fell,
But sometimes, you just can’t tell.
Did I do something wrong?
Did I wait too long?
But then it hits you,
You did what you had to do.
You needed to fall,
So you could remember it all.
Why you wake up every day,
Why you constantly say,
“Everything is gonna be okay.”
You know the way.
So you begin to bend your knees,
You’re no longer in that painful freeze.
Next are your elbows and then hand by hand,
You begin to do what you gotta do to stand.
And before you know it, you begin to rise
With a brand new look within your eyes
There is no stopping you,
The pain was worth going through.
And you begin to walk, one step at a time,
Back on your daily grind.
But like your eyes, there’s something different in your walk.
There’s something different when you talk.
There’s a certain pride you have now, that you didn’t before,
The ground will be your bed, never more.
Because you know the next time you fall,
You’ll bounce back up, just like a ball.
No matter what happens, from here on out.
You will no longer have any doubt.
You will succeed,
Even if you have to bleed,
And go through more pain,
But it’ll all be worth it, when they remember your name.

Do what you gotta do.
Live Life Every Day.

  • Alisa Mc says...

    Thank you
    very wise !
    Encouragement messages
    Please send me
    the info
    message , any great word of encouragement

    On Apr 18, 2016

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