Life in Quarantine

So you’re stuck in quarantine
Wondering when Life will move on to the next scene
Every day you wake up and ask, “When will this movie end?”
Loneliness has become your best friend
The days all seem to blend together
You’re starting to think this is gonna last forever
But now more than ever, hold onto your positive mind
Because your positive mind was meant for this positive grind
How many times have you said, “I just don’t have enough time”?
We all know wasting your time may be Life’s biggest crime
And now you’ve been blessed with the one thing of which you never had enough
Wake up and see that your decision isn’t really tough
You now have more time than you could ever ask for
No longer in need of praying for more
Opportunity knocked and it opened the door
The door in the hallway of your Life’s building on the highest floor
Anything and everything is possible now
It’s no longer a question of when, but how?
How will you use the gift you’ve just been blessed with?
Time is your weapon and you’re the blacksmith
You get to mold it into anything you want
Take control of your Life’s script and choose the right font
When times get tough, you’re supposed to get tougher
This time is a blessing, not a time to suffer
So keep your head up and get on your way
Because even during quarantine, you can Live Life EVERY Day
  • Francie says...

    Such an inspirational, global message particularly during this challenging time in our life. Live it joyously, and with care for your fellow man. You’re making history.

    On May 10, 2020

  • Jeannie says...

    Great message! So true!

    On Apr 27, 2020

  • Rosie Rivera says...

    Thanks for reminding us to focus on the positive & that time is a blessing!

    On Apr 27, 2020

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