All I Do Is Win

Your alarm goes off and it’s time to begin
Your eyes are open, so it’s already a win
Your feet hit the ground and you begin to stand
You stretch your arms up and move each hand
And just like that, that’s win number two
Your body can move and for some people, that’s not always true
You walk into the bathroom and turn on the sink
Water comes out, that doesn’t always happen, I think
Are you keeping track? That’s win number three
If you’re not keeping track, that’s ok, that’s why you have me
I’m here to remind you of all the small victories
That can fill up your day like a box of positivities
So where are we at, what’s win number four?
Well that’s easy, go open up your refrigerator door
If there’s anything inside, that’s winning for sure
Because for worldwide starvation, we haven’t found a cure
Speaking of a cure, is your health okay?
If it is, then congrats, that’s your fifth win of the day
Are you starting to see the pattern that’s beginning to form?
Winning should be a part of your daily norm
There’s so much to be thankful for every day you’re alive
You haven’t even left your house yet, and your win count is five
How many more wins could you possibly have?
With a positive mind you’ll be moving to Champion Ave.
Champion Ave. is where the winners live
But it’s not just about winning, they’ve got plenty of love to give
See there’s plenty of things that can count as a win
You have to start your list early, you wake up and you begin
And now you’ve changed, you’ve grown a new positive skin
Because, say it with me now, “All I Do Is Win.”
Do what you gotta do.
Live Life EVERY Day.
  • Rosie Rivera says...

    During these trying times, thanks for reminding us that positivity is so important & opening our eyes every morning is our greatest win!!

    On Jun 01, 2020

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