How To Tell Time

What time is it?
The time is now.
Whether you’ve been waiting all day, week, month or year
The time is finally here
We talk all the time about waiting for the right time
But rarely does the right time ever happen at the right time
Did you catch what that meant the first time?
If not, go back and read it another time
Because sometimes we take time for granted
It’s like we think time comes from time trees that every day are planted
The truth is time is one of the most precious things we own
But do we really own time, or is it given to us on loan?
An investment in us to use our time here for good?
But how many of us really use our time like we should?
The answer, this time, is unfortunately, “not many”
The hope is there will be a time when “not many” becomes “plenty”
“Next time” should really be “this time”
Because too often “next time” turns into “that missed time”
And so this time you won’t take your time
Because when you take your time, you waste your time
Maybe not all the time
But more than half the time
And so it’s very important that you learn how to tell time
No not speak to time, but how to read the time
And when the times comes and you finally learn how
Then whenever you look at a clock you’ll know, the time is NOW.
Do what you gotta do.
Live Life EVERY Day.

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