A View From The Top

Up on the top is where I wanna be
I hear the view from up there is something to see
Every day I wake up and think about how it'll look
It'll be a fitting ending to the story in my life's book
Why do we look up to the sky when we think about our dreams?
Why don't we look straight ahead and think about the means?
The means to achieve what we want to achieve
No more looking up, you've got to believe 
Believe in yourself and what you can do
It's all led you here, everything you've been through
No more waiting for the right time
Because right about now will do just fine
Not tomorrow, next week or even next year
The time is right now, it's never been so clear
How do you think anybody ever makes it to the top?
They do it by always moving forward, never letting themselves stop
Sure the path will get hard and may even disappear
That's when you let your heart take over and steer
And you learn that your drive is what will get you there
A view from the top without any of the glare
And then you look down on how far you've come
And that's when you realize your journey is far from done
If you wanna stay on the top, you cannot rest
No days off, if you wanna be the best
Do what you gotta do.
Live Life EVERY Day.
  • Ashish Masand says...

    I related to every word there. Right here, right now I was thinking the same to myself. Realizing that this is exactly what i want to do. Search on Google and this is the first page i come to and read exactly what I’ve been feeling.
    So damn relatable.

    On May 08, 2020

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