The Live Life Video Blog on YouTube

The Live Life Blog is now on YouTube!!!

Visit: to check out the Live Life YouTube Channel and subscribe to get updates when new videos are posted.

All blog posts have been, and will be, made into a Video Blog on YouTube.  All current blog posts have been updated to include the YouTube videos for easy access.

The Live Life Video Blog provides yet another avenue for inspiration.  Sometimes it’s more impactful to hear inspiring words.  Everyone’s different, so choose which you like best.  To get the full effect, read AND watch the blog posts!

We hope you enjoy the new Live Life Video Blog and are inspired to Live Life Every Day.  The inspiration and light humor may be what you need to brighten up your day or remind you that there is still so much left to experience in Life.

So check out the new Live Life Video Blog, and when you’re done:

Do what you gotta do.

Live Life Every Day.

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