Hard Choices

There’s gonna be times in your life when you’re faced with a hard decision.
Should you choose this?
Should you choose that?
The kind of decision you know will mean something.
The kind where either choice could change your life.
The problem is, you may not recognize the importance of those choices, when they are laid out in front of you.
Sometimes, you look back and realize how important that choice you made really was.
But sometimes, if you open yourself to opportunity,
If you open yourself to happiness,
Sometimes, you recognize a big decision before you make it.
There’s nothing like feeling the pressure of a life changing choice.
Some people crumble and choose the easy route.
And some people stand tall through the pressure, and choose the hard way, which is often times, the right way.
Anybody who’s ever done anything of meaning, will tell you exactly when they made the hard choices.
They recognized an important decision when it was in front of them, and they had the courage to make the right choice.
It will be hard,
but the choice is yours
It’s all on you.

Do what you gotta do.
Live Life Every Day.

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