Letter From Our Founder About Recent Changes

Dear Live Life Every Day® Family,

For the short time Live Life Every Day® has been around, we have prided ourselves in offering an extremely high quality product for a very affordable price.  I said it from the very beginning, our bottom line is not our chief concern.  I want to inspire as many people as possible, and that is the ultimate goal.

Also, since the very beginning, Live Life Every Day® has been dedicated to the Green Movement.  “Why not help our fellow man AND our environment,” was my thinking.  And so all of our t-shirts are made of 100% Organic Ring-Spun cotton.  All high quality and all natural.  If you’re lucky enough to own one already, you know how incredibly soft they are.  Only the best for our loyal supporters.

Life is hard, we know that, but so is running a business!  As in life, every business faces challenges and tough decisions.  We’ve had our share of plenty of hard decisions and we haven’t let them get in our way of inspiring you.  And so now comes our toughest decision yet.  Throughout the entire time we’ve been in business, the price of cotton has been steadily rising.  As you know, organic cotton is already sold at a premium, add to it the feature of being ring-spun, and you’ve got yourself quite a premium product!  Up until now, we’ve been able to offset the rise in cotton prices because we believe so strongly in making our t-shirts affordable to as many people as possible.  Again, inspiring the world is the ultimate goal.

And so, we make the hard decision of increasing our prices to ensure that we can continue to inspire as many people as possible.  Although we are increasing our prices, we are absolutely not decreasing our quality.  In fact, we are doing the opposite.  EACH Live Life Every Day® t-shirt now features a tagless label!  We know how annoying labels can be and we want nothing but the best for you.  Live Life Every Day® t-shirts will now be even MORE comfortable!

But we’re not stopping there.  We’ve said it before, helping your fellow man is an unbelievable feeling that too many of us miss out on.  We are proud to say that we are now doing even more to inspire people to Live Life Every Day.  Starting today, $1 from each Live Life Every Day® t-shirt that is sold will be donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  The MS Society is near and dear to my heart because my mother has had MS for over 20 years.  I am very proud to say Live Life Every Day® is now a supporter of the MS Society and the movement to find a cure.  Remember, we each deserve to Live Life Every Day.

Starting today, our t-shirts will now be available for $25 each.  You are still getting the extremely soft 100% Organic Ring-Spun cotton you have come to love but they now even come with a comfortable tag-less label!   But even more importantly.  As you wear your Live Life Every Day® t-shirt, you can take pride in knowing that you helped support an important cause.  You joined the movement to help those who live with MS every day.

Live Life Every Day® has always been about much more than t-shirts.  And now, that is true more than ever before.  I am very excited for what the future holds and I hope you are too!

Thank you very much for your continued support and always remember:

Do what you gotta do.
Live Life Every Day.

-Jason Rivera
Founder and President

  • Merlin says...

    Love ya!

    On Dec 26, 2015

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