Life: possibly one of the most talked about and debated topics ever
What is Life?
Whoa, can you even answer that?
You see Life is this funny thing made up of millions of unique and completely opposite pieces.
One minute you can be having a good day
And then all of a sudden, BAM, it’s a bad day
You can be happy, sad, lonely, mad
You can be loved, hated, upset and glad
Will we ever truly understand Life?
You see Life is one of those things that’s not meant to be understood
It’s meant to be lived.
We shouldn’t waste our time trying to figure out what it all means,
Or whether or not we should do something
Don’t worry about “what if this happens…”
Stop worrying and just do it.
There’s a reason that phrase became famous.
It’s simple, but powerful.
Life is not meant to be wasted.
It’s not meant to be researched.
It’s not meant to be analyzed.
Life, simply, is meant to be lived.
And so out of one simple phrase, comes another:
Do what you gotta do.
Live Life Every Day.

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