The Good Life

What is The Good Life?
We all say it
We all mention it
We all want it
But what is it?
Is it a Happy Life?
Is it a Successful Life?
Well, it depends what your definition of “success” is.
Is it a Wealthy Life?
Well again, it depends on what you mean by “wealthy.”
We’ve already talked about Money, so we know “The Good Life” definitely does not = “A Money Filled Life”
So then what is it?
Millions of people before us have tried to answer that question
And millions more will try after us
But you see there’s a reason why there isn’t one simple answer
Each and every one of us is a unique individual
And although some of us may try to live the life of another,
We all live our own, unique and beautiful life.
So there it is.
If we each live our own lives, how can we come up with a simple formula for what = “The Good Life”?
The answer is inside of all of us.
Deep down we all know what “The Good Life” is
The billions of people on this earth would all have different answers
So look inside and find your answer
When you find it, hold it and don’t let go
Don’t let anyone take it away from you.
We all can live The Good Life
You know how

Do what you gotta do.
Live Life Every Day.

  • Live Life Every Day says...

    Thanks very much for the kind words, Pete! Stay positive and keep Livin' Life Every Day!

    On Oct 28, 2014

  • Pete Zafra says...

    Awesome post! Another amazing video. The good life varies from person to person. As long as we have what we love and do what we're passionate about, that's the good life for me. Money is just a tool which some people mistake as a form of happiness. I love the video you shared! Thanks for sharing and keep it up! :) Thanks for the inspiration.

    On Oct 28, 2014

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